Turn-key project execution for start-up of waste water pumping station

Screw Screen

ProStream Group finished the supply, installation, automation and start-up of technological equipment at a wastewater pumping station. Our team has installed the 90º vertical screw screen and mixers as well as the equipment for start-up and automatic control of the station. Currently the pumping station is under distance monitoring operation.

The screw screen is with length of 10 m with the following technical specification:

–      Capacity- 19 l/s

–      Filtering gap – 6 mm

–      Screw diameter – Ø273

–      Inlet pipeline – Ø225 PEHD

–      Conveyor pipe diameter – Ø273

–      Distance between bottom level and discharge point – 8280 mm

–      Material: Stainless Steel DIN 1.4541/1.4301

–      Integrated dewatering press – up to 30-35% dry substance

–      Motor power – 1,5 kW, IP 65

–      Vibration and overloading sensors, limit switches