The team of Prostream Group is one of the most valuable assets of the company. It consists of motivated and highly qualified professionals. The work of the team on various projects and the shared international experience enable continuous improvement and expert development.

In order to increase the obtained experience, Prostream Group  traditionally invests in the enhancement of the personal skills of each team member and the company infrastructure by using and implementing modern technologies and know-how.

Main highlights best describing the work and the structure of our team:

  • flexible and compact structure allowing fast, adequate and professional response in solving tasks of various complexity and scope;
  • experience in the implementation and use of modern and innovative technologies and solutions;
  • excellent communication;
  • responsibility for the tasks and the objectives;
  • motivation according to results;
  • will for continuous seeking of new challenges and opportunities;
  • well focused and professional expertise;
  • shared experience and know-how.


Currently Prostream Group has no new vacancies but if you wish to contact us and to share your professional expertise and skills, you can contact us at the following address: