Start up of WWTP Prilep

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ПСОВ Прилеп
ПСОВ Прилеп
Обучение на персонал ПСОВ

In the presence of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, the head of the EU Delegation in the Republic of Macedonia, Samuel Zbogar, Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski, Prilep Mayor Ilia Giovanski, as well as representatives of the government, the Prilep municipality, the employees of the local water company and a large number of citizens, the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Prilep was put into operation.

And what have we done? Complex delivery of the technological equipment, installation and commissioning, electrical construction and construction of the SCADA system of the station. ProStream Group’s whole team is grateful for the efforts we have made together with the GP Group colleagues, and we are delighted that the end result is more than positive.



Предадена во употреба пречистителната станица за урбани отпадни води во Прилеп